We have all seen medical reps at some stage or another. They are there in the doctor’s rooms waiting for an opportunity to see the doctor when there is a lull. Most of the time, we tend to feel a little sorry for these people – it seems to be a tough job. The truth is that you do spend a lot of time waiting around but the commissions can be pretty worthwhile and you are not stuck in an office all day. You pretty much get to set your own salary – hard work pays offs in higher commissions earned so you do not need to feel as though the company is the only one benefiting from your efforts.

You also get to set up lasting relationships that can stand you in good stead should you decide to go it on your own in future. Few companies require that you have formal qualifications but getting something behind your name will help in this competitive industry.

For the most part, you will get some extensive training from the company that hires you. Make sure that you learn as much as you can and be willing to work your way up. Even if you can only get a job as an assistant initially, at least you will have a foot in the door.

What do you do if the medical companies are not hiring? No problem – apply for some other sales job. It would be a plus if you apply in a medical supplies store although not really necessary. Selling is a skill that is developed over time and you need to work at it. Selling a button and selling a wheelchair require a similar skill set so time spent in an unrelated industry should be viewed as a learning experience, not a waste of time. The more sales experience you have, the better the chances of you getting your dream job.

At the same time, make an effort to work towards your medical sales career. Get in some relevant coursework, keep informed about the industry and learn about different supplies and their applications. Keep applying when you see a suitable position and never give up. Your hard work will pay off eventually and you will land at least one interview.

Increase your chances by preparing properly for the interview. Bone up on the products the company offers and the company itself. Do trial interviews with family and friends to help with nerves and exude confidence when you get there. The interview is your space to shine.